Large-Screen Displays

Large-screen displays are relatively expensive to buy, so it makes no sense skimping on quality.  High-quality large-screen displays are worth the money and their features make them more versatile and dual-purpose, which makes their higher purchase prices easier to justify.  That is why Questek Advanced Technologies endorses, recommends and supplies DNP large screen monitors.

DNP’s large screens are high-end screens of the finest quality and their distinguishing features make for compelling reading.  A Fresnel lens usually exhibits superior focusing ability, while a lenticular lens provides the best distributive properties.  In a DNP optical screen, the advantages of both technologies are combined to produce an image that is four times brighter with perfectly even light distribution and excellent contrast properties.  An anti-reflective coating ensures that there are no distracting reflections and when the screen is not in use, it doubles as a whiteboard on which you can use whiteboard markers.

The DNP Supernova is a very impressive product and it is available in sizes up to 3 metres.  It is suitable for applications where very high levels of ambient light is present; even outdoors.  The Supernova is compatible with LCOS, LCD and DLP projectors.  This groundbreaking screen was the first optical screen to exceed an impressive 15:1 contrast level, which is an almost tenfold improvement over conventional screen technologies.  It is also relatively easy to install, because it features a low built-in depth.

Questek Advanced Technologies still believes that DNP large-screen displays are superior to virtually any other large screen on the market.  They are more expensive, but their quality is immediately evident and their superior image quality makes them perfectly suitable for brightly lit venues.  For more information on all our other products and integrated solutions, contact us today.