Media Manager

A digital signage solution represents a relatively large financial outlay and it is imperative that you have a media manager that can help your digital signage campaign run smoothly.  Sony’s Ziris Manage is an example of a media manager that keeps an eye on your network and employs real-time reporting functionality.  Questek Advanced Technologies can supply all the Sony Ziris products.

Ziris Manage has many compelling features.  It affords you continuous, real-time access to all reports on communications and media that are played out on your screens at every location and for every minute of the day.  Helpful information is easy to find on the user-friendly and intuitive user interface.  You have complete control over your network and its devices, including video input selection and audio level adjustment for your screens, as well as a scheduled hourly, daily or weekly power on/off switch.  It gives you the ability to plan preventative and pro-active hardware maintenance, like replacing projector lamp bulbs based on certain conditions such as time of use.  Finally, Ziris Manage makes Internet-based remote managing and monitoring of your digital signage network possible from one central site.

All Sony play-out devices provide an “As Run” log of all played content, so you can monitor every single communication program on your network in real-time.  A detailed record of the media programs displayed on the screens is stored in the database; you can even publish it to show customers the placement of their advertisements.  Furthermore, you can monitor the states of your network players and screens and view the download status of each media player.

These are only some of the features of the Ziris Manage media manager for digital signage.  For more information, contact Questek Advanced Technologies today.