Outdoor Display

Barco is a leading LED outdoor display manufacturer and Questek Advanced Technologies is the exclusive distributor of Barco products in South Africa.  Barco’s SLite and DLite LED outdoor display product ranges are very popular for use at sporting events, music concerts, fashion shows, mobile events and other places where bright, high-quality outdoor displays are required.

SLite and DLite are durable IP65-rated products that produce high-resolution, full colour images and they are available in two size formats.  Unequalled contrast and brightness levels ensure that these displays always emit a brilliantly crisp picture.  SLite 10 XP is available in a 10mm resolution and exhibits superb black levels, courtesy of its revolutionary shader design.  These enhanced black levels are combined with superior brightness levels to produce and image with startling contrast, even in bright, direct sunlight.  Colour uniformity across the entire surface of the display is assured by LED-level (XP) calibration.  You are assured of accurate image processing, a high refresh rate (2000Hz on the SLite 10 XP) and pixel-based motion compensation.

These specialised SLite and DLite products have been purpose-designed for a life on the road and are presented as part of an entire rental solution that even include strong flight cases, robust rental structures and powerful processors that are user-friendly enough to allow you to have your display installed, up and running and calibrated in double quick time.

Questek Advanced Technologies are pleased to offer our clients these superb Barco SLite and DLite outdoor display products with unmatched display performance and image quality.  Experience Barco’s proprietary Dual Pixel Technology in a robust package.  For more information, contact us today.