Video Conferencings

With the recent strides made in applications and technologies, video conferencing is no longer regarded as a luxury but as a necessity.  Questek Advanced Technologies has extensive experience in the installation of video conferencing solutions for a variety of high profile clients like SARS, Sanlam, Eskom, Iscor, RMB, BHP Billiton, PG Group and Deutsche Bank; we can do the same for your business.

Many local and international companies have invested in video conferencing facilities to enhance their communications.  It is an extremely powerful tool, because it allows large numbers of people who have not necessarily met in person to work on common projects.  It lowers the risks and costs too: employees do not have to spend time and money travelling long distances to meet in person, exposing themselves to the risks of travelling.  They can now effectively prevent meeting delays, plan shorter and more structured meetings and exchange information more quickly.  Increased usage rapidly starts to save the company money, while all participants get information on a real-time basis.

Video conferencing, installed by Questek, has enabled the University of Limpopo to realise all of the above advantages.  The university had approached us for a solution because it was felt that committee members spend too much unproductive travelling time to and from meetings while exposing themselves to risk.  In the end, their preferred solution turned out to be the automated camera tracking system, whereby the delegate pushes a button on the console to have the camera focus on him or her as they start to speak.

Realise significant cost saving and increased productivity in your organisation with a fully integrated video conferencing solution by Questek Advanced Technologies.  For more information, contact us today.