Displays with Touch Screens

Touch screens are now widely used as part of advertising displays and self help screens in shopping malls, at airports and any place where interaction with the user is required. Not only are touch screens easy to use and require very little knowledge of technology or in some cases even literacy, but they are also visually attractive and users love interacting with such interfaces.

Questek provides a wide range of LCD advertising screens. One example of such will be the 15 inch display screens recently installed in the restrooms of various international airports in South Africa. We have selected the 120 LCD advertising screens specifically because of their high resolutions and amazing image display capabilities. The screens support brightness and contrast properties. Highly visible and attractive advertising displays are thus possible.

We have also installed the advertisement screens at six Nokia national stores where high volumes of traffic are experienced. With the video cube display walls it is possible to attract attention and offer consumers excellent functionality through touch screens. We have used the HANTAREX LCD reach projection cube touch screens for this purpose.

HANTAREX is well known for their wide range of LCD panels ranging from 40 to 82” LCD digital signage panels. What makes the HANTAREX products so special is the touch screen interfacing available. While it is possible to show slide shows, movies, and clips as part of the display, it is also possible to offer the user the functionality of a touch menu making it easier than ever before to get information, interact, and order.

Whether you want a large digital display with the option of contact through touch, want to provide users the ability to get information through self service or simply want enhanced imaging, advertising, and interaction, contact us for more information about displays with touch screens today.

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