Encore Video Editing Abilities

If you are looking for the ideal event presentation control system then the Encore brand should be on your priority list. It also features video editing abilities ensuring a professional and seamless event display at the control of your fingertips.

The Encore Video Processor forming part of the Encore Presentation System can be setup to work with one to three mixer boards for more creative options. With the single video editing mixer system you can have two backgrounds, as well as two scalable mixing layers and the un-scaled DSK. Should you require dual mixer effects the duel Mixer Encore will be the perfect mixing and video editing tool as it provides two backgrounds and four scalable layers as well as the un-scaled DSK. You can even go further by going with the triple Mixer Encore system that gives two backgrounds and six scalable layers as well as the un-scaled DSK.

It is possible to thus have up to six inputs for using KEY or PIP images which can be utilised in pairs or separately. The Encore system also includes the Encore System Controllers making it possible to have fully integrated control of numerous Encore Video Processors as well as matrix switchers. The mixing buttons offer the MIX and SPLIT modes. In MIX mode, layers are ganged together while in SPLIT mode the layers work separately. The touch screen makes it easy to get to the various menus and functionalities hassle free. It is also possible to toggle between views, have numerous windows display, and set transitions in a professional manner.

Encore is a brand name that is well respected in the industry and since we only provide high quality products you can be assured that the system will provide far more than just the normal onscreen

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