Barco Medical Displays

Questek Advanced Technologies is the exclusive distributor of Barco medical displays and all other specialist Barco visualisation products in South Africa.  Barco medical displays are among the leading equipment of their type available in the world today.  These displays deliver superb picture quality and are DICOM-compliant to meet even the most stringent medical requirements.

Doctors, clinics and hospitals can have complete diagnostic confidence with Barco soft copy displays, because Barco display controllers offer excellent performance.  They can be linked to the MediCal QAWeb online service as well, ensuring precise calibration and first-rate quality assurance.  Accurate and reliable medical displays for radiology are not negotiable at hospitals and medical centres, because diagnostics and treatment depends on equipment that yields accurate, repeatable results.  Barco also manufactures market leading mammography displays for the best quality in mammography reporting and accurate results.  Barco also offers top diagnostic display systems in both greyscale and colour formats for radiology and other medical applications.

In terms of surgery, surgical and endoscopic displays are required that achieve absolutely accurate visualisation results.  Invasive surgery is always life-critical and doctors depend on the best quality equipment like Barco to help them bear this responsibility with confidence.  Patients’ lives daily depend on doctors’ ability to perform successful operations and accurate medical displays are crucial in this regard.  Not only does this equipment need to produce the finest image quality, but they also have to meet the necessary space and safety requirements.

Barco medical displays lead the market and are trusted by thousands of doctors worldwide.  Questek Advanced Technologies are your exclusive Barco distributor.  Contact us today.