ProjectionDesign Projectors

Questek Advanced Technologies is a franchised agent for ProjectionDesign projectors.  An extensive range of ProjectionDesign projectors are available, including the F and BR ranges, covering every client’s requirements.  These high-performance, flexible projectors are used in professional and business applications, as well as in digital and home cinema installations.

The ProjectionDesign F2 sx+ professional grade DLP projector is a very popular model that has been developed especially to meet the demands of graphically challenging applications at a far lower cost than rivals’ products.  It incorporates the revolutionary RealColor colour management suite and 1,400x1,050 (SXGA+) DLP technology and optional lenses are available for it.  It is sold with a 24/7 warrantee, is small and compact and can fit in a number of professional applications.  Each projector is individually calibrated during manufacture and with RealColor, it is now possible to match any number of projectors while ensuring they all exhibit exactly the same primaries and grey scale.

The impressive F3+ model is the world’s most powerful single-chip DLP projector and is ideal for demanding professional imaging solutions like control rooms, medical displays, public displays and simulation and visualisation solutions.  It offers the same resolution as the F2 and has fully configurable brightness up to an impressive 6,500 ANSI lumens.  Super long-life lamps (4,400 hours) are used, resulting in a low cost of ownership and ensuring unwavering reliability.  Singe, dual and automatic lamp relay modes are offered on this model to keep both lamps at the same performance level at all times.

Projector Display Screen Improving Projection Quality

Although it could seem logical to assume that the quality of the final projected image relies solely on the quality of the projector, the truth is it is a totally collaborative partnership between the projector display screen and the quality of the projector. Each of these aspects factors heavily into the end result of the projected image.

There are numerous conditions to be met in order to produce a quality projected image, and the projector display screen plays an important part in achieving this. Firstly, sufficient clarity and brightness needs to be achieved should the projector display screen be placed under heavy ambient light conditions. A quality display screen will then produce a quality image without dark corners and a high level of contrast.

An entry level projection screen suitable for home viewing is the plain white-coated flexible or rigid structure. These are ideal for showcasing slides or 8mm videos, but are not as effective in conditions with heavy ambient light. For commercial purposes such as cinemas and boardrooms, aluminized surface projection screens are much more reflective than the white coated display screens. They provide brighter images and offer a generally more quality end product.

While not all projector display screens were designed to reflect, some display images via transmission. These screens make use of a projection source which is located in the back, instead of the front. The semi-transparent nature of these display screens permit a transmitted image to form within them. These rear projection screens are often used in digital advertising in shopping malls, as well as in class rooms and other educational institutions. Their compactness is another drawing card of these display screens, but they excel better in low ambient light surroundings.

Compared to previous versions of these projector screens, technology has certainly evolved in strides and it can be overwhelming having to decide which product to go with. That is why it is advisable to seek expert advice about the available solutions, to ensure that you make a well informed decision as to which projector display screen to invest in.

Questek Advanced Technologies is the official distributor for many quality and well-known brands of digital cinemas, delegate systems, projector display screens, video conferencing equipment and display monitors. The experienced staff at Questek Advanced Technologies can advise on and recommend various projector display solutions at competitively priced name brands.

These are only two of the top quality ProjectionDesign projectors supplied by Questek Advanced Technologies.  For more information on the rest of the range, contact us today.

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