Airport Displays

At an airport, you have a captive audience.  If people are not waiting for flights to arrive, they are waiting to depart, using the restroom or waiting for their baggage.  Airport displays with dynamically changing content can reach thousands of people who do not have anything better to do than read your advertisement.  Questek Advanced Technologies can supply airport displays for the display of different types of content.

There are always a large number of displays present at airports to relay flight and other critical information.  An extremely high image quality is expected of an airport display, because passengers should be able to read the flight information from afar.  A crisp image with excellent contrast helps to make the information easily readable.  Moreover, there may be a lot of noise present and many passengers who cannot always hear the announcements have to rely on the displays to ensure they do not miss their flights.  These displays are usually adjustable in terms of colour temperature and brightness to compensate for varying ambient lighting conditions.

Other displays at airports are used to display information like weather reports, stock market updates, news coverage or advertisements.  In fact, the moment a passenger or visitor enters an airport, they are dependent almost exclusively on airport displays to get all the information they require.  A bright, crisp display improves the successful transmission of the message and its odds of being noticed and read.

Of course, the kind of high-definition monitors usually used for airport displays come in very handy in other applications too, like in security control rooms and for aerial surveillance.  Questek Advanced Technologies can supply display solutions of the highest quality for practically any application.  Contact us today.