Broadcast Monitors

Vutrix is one of the leading brands supplied and distributed by Questek Advanced Technologies.  Besides their other products, Vutrix is well known for their specialist broadcast monitors.  Vutrix broadcast monitors are available for all professional applications in multiple display standards.

Vutrix’s LCD-TFT monitors offer exceptional image quality and are available in Standard and True HD versions.  The former is able to display the majority of HD formats like 720p and 1080i; however, the True HD models have a very high 1,920x1,080 resolution and are capable of displaying 1,080 progressive signals without compression.  These monitors are popular for use in vision monitoring stations, TV studios, film studios, outside broadcasting vehicles and post-production facilities.  In addition, fastidious producers, film crews, video mixers and colourists that demand the best image quality also prefer them for their unwavering and true image reproduction.

All Vutrix pixel-to-pixel monitors accept many different inputs, like S-Video, DVI, SDI, component and composite as well as single- and dual-link HD-SDI.  They are calibrated during manufacture for superior tonal range and faithful colour rendition.  Other winning features and options include safe area cages and audio meters.  In addition, they feature quad-screen processing ability and UMD as well as tally display.  One of these versatile monitors can replace several rack-mounted units.

Questek Advanced Technologies stocks all the Vutrix broadcast monitors and can supply quad units, multi-display units, Standard HD and True HD units, depending on your broadcasting requirement.  In addition, Questek can provide integrated visualisation solutions for almost any domain, including video walls, airport displays and video conferencing and delegate systems.  For more information on our products and services, contact us today.