Control Rooms

Questek Advanced Technologies can supply advanced visualisation solutions for control rooms at music concerts, in surveillance, at sporting events and in broadcasting.  Specialised visualisation equipment is also used in control rooms of network operation centres and in utilities and process control.

Barco manufactures managed security monitoring equipment for surveillance control rooms.  Their iSurveillance solutions are designed to make your surveillance environment more efficient.  At the moment, it is the most advanced all-in-one solution for managed monitoring, courtesy of a high quality rear-projection display, Web-based operating software and an advanced graphic controller.  Up to sixty-four graphics or video windows can be displayed simultaneously on one projection module.  More modules can be combined to form a display wall that can relay hundreds of camera feeds.

iStudio is a broadcasting control room solution from Barco.  With iStudio, control room operators can now scale and move a virtual monitor to anywhere on the screen for maximum viewing, without being confined to a limited number of monitors.  With the same number of operators, a higher number of video sources can now be displayed in the same space and there is no more wasted space for monitor and window borders.  iStudio offers fine business value, because it can grow with your needs, improves operator efficiency, reduces operational costs and simplifies cabling.  It is an all-in-one solution for your broadcasting control room and is easy to install and integrate with your system.

These are but two examples of visualisation solutions that Questek Advanced Technologies offers for control rooms in the surveillance and broadcasting domains.  We offer many other types of integrated visualisation solutions and for more information on them, contact us today.