Delegate System

Questek Advanced Technologies can supply and install a delegate system of any configuration for meeting and conference purposes.  Questek supplies Auditel and Televic delegate system solutions and we were responsible for the audio visual equipment installation for the South African Reserve Bank’s 343-seater auditorium in 2003, marking the first time Auditel has been used in South Africa.

A typical delegate system of the type installed at SARB comprises many components, including a large main display screen that measures several metres across, a projector for it and delegate consoles for translation and voting services, among others.  The Auditel Envoy is an example of a delegate console and it is quick and easy to set up.  Up to fifty units can be run on one controller, but additional controllers would allow up to 256 delegates.  It features a conference system with a 3-way voting facility, excellent sound with feedback suppression and central override and sound level control.  Both chairman and delegate versions are offered, with Microsoft Windows controller software.

The Auditel Envoy is a discussion system that has many features that are usually associated with a full-scale, professional conference system at an affordable price, making it a superb value proposition.  Delegates can turn their own microphones on and off and the number of live microphones can be blocked or restricted on a FIFO (first-in-first-out) basis, all according to a preset limit.  If required, the system can be set up to enable central control, allowing microphones to be selected on a request-to-speak basis.

These are only a limited few features of the versatile Auditel Envoy delegate system.  Questek Advanced Technologies offers a vast range of Auditel delegate systems, in addition to a host of integrated visualisation solutions.  For more information, contact us.