Media Server

Your digital signage system needs a media server to make your signage campaign run smoothly.  At Questek Advanced Technologies, we specialise in visualisation solutions and we can offer you a cost-effective digital signage package that will deliver your message to a targeted audience.  Sony’s Ziris Manage media server is the ideal media manager to manage a digital signage campaign.

Digital signage solutions and digital billboards are rather expensive and it would be a shame if you capital outlay goes to waste because you cannot properly manage the messages that go out.  Sony Ziris will keep tabs on your network and report back to you in real-time, giving you continuous access to your media and communications that are being played out on each of the digital signage screens in your entire network – every single minute of the day.  You can control your network – together with all the devices on it – and this even includes things like audio level adjustment and video input selection for each screen.

Other excellent features of Ziris are that it has an intuitive and easy to use user interface that makes it simple to find the information you are looking for.  It has a power on/off switch that can be scheduled hourly, daily or weekly.  The system makes it easy to plan for periodic maintenance like bulb replacements and other pro-active hardware maintenance, based on conditions like time of use.  With Ziris, you can manage and monitor your entire digital signage network from a central site through a Web-based system.

With a media server like Sony Ziris, your digital signage investment can reach its full potential.  Contact Questek Advanced Technologies today.