Seamless LCD

A seamless LCD display makes use of the entire surface area of the screen, including the far edges, exhibiting a very narrow or almost non-existent border for a near-seamless appearance.  Seamless LCD, LED and plasma displays are especially popular for video wall, where adjacent screens are expected to match closely with very small gaps between modules.  Hantarex manufactures some particularly suitable products that conform to this standard and since Questek Advanced Technologies is an authorised distributor of Hantarex products, you can obtain them through us.

Seamless LCD video walls make it possible to communicate to the public using large format video images and the Hantarex products feature small depths and no borders and frame joints, for that seamless appearance.  Hantarex’s LCD 40 NB SR/46 SNB is a module for video walls using LCD monitors with narrow gaps, which they call Narrow Bezel technology.  These modules are made up into video walls that are used in subway stations, museums, airports and train stations, public areas, malls, fairs and congress halls.

Forty-inch Narrow Bezel and 46-inch Super Narrow Bezel modules are available.  Narrow Bezel has small, 15mm seam gaps, while Super Narrow Bezel is nearly seamless, with a 4mm seam gap at the top and on the left and a 2mm seam gap at the bottom and on the right.  The 46-inch Super Narrow Bezel features an impressive 3,000:1 contrast ratio and superior peak brightness of 700 cd/m2.  The “Sun Readability” technology ensures unmatched readability and clarity, even in direct sunlight.

Hantarex’s groundbreaking seamless LCD video walls create new marketing opportunities for your business.  Many other leading brand names are available through Questek Advanced Technologies today – contact us for more information.