Conference Recording

Questek Can Supply Specialist Conference Recording Products

Questek Advanced Technologies can offer you a variety of advanced visualisation solutions, including delegate systems for conferences of different sizes, including functionality for voting and conference recording.  No project is too big or too small and we are proud to have been the supplier and installer of the conferencing system in the then-new 343-seater auditorium of the South African Reserve Bank in 2003.  It also marked the first time an Auditel conferencing and delegate system had been used in South Africa.

Televic is another esteemed conference management system supplier and their TCS 2500 Mobile Digital Conference System is particularly flexible and powerful.  TCS 2500 has been specifically designed for mobile applications.  It features a limited number of components and can easily be customised to the needs of the customer, whether basic functionality or a complex integration is required.  Thanks to its open network interface, it is also very easy to connect TCS 2500 with external devices like information displays, camera control and recording devices for conference recording purposes.

Many clients require recording functionality to enable them to keep record of conferences, so that they can refer back to them when necessary.  A modular system like TCS 2500 makes this easy.  It is simple to install too, requiring only standard computer network cabling and all its software is incorporated in the central unit.  TCS 2500 offers the perfect solution for applications like multipurpose conference rooms, city halls, hotels, rental companies and congress centres.  It even offers an advanced range of interpreter functions, making provision for 28 languages and its LCD screen provides the interpreter with an overview of the system status.

Questek Advanced Technologies can install a delegate or conferencing system at your conference venue too, allowing you the flexibility of simultaneous interpretation, conference recording and voting.  For more information, contact us.