LED Screens

The Finest LED Screens At Competitive Prices From Questek

LED screens are eminently suitable for many applications, whether it is a fixed installation or whether they are to be used at a live event.  Questek Advanced Technologies offer a wide range of LED screens for any type of application at competitive prices.  We have the right LED solution to answer your needs, from car and fashion shows to LED displays in corporate foyers and for concerts or events.

LED Screens Large LED displays employ an LED for each pixel and exhibit very high brightness levels to make them easily viewable where there is a lot of ambient light, like in outdoor locations like sports stadiums.  These displays are tough, weatherproof and can withstand the elements. 

The LED technology employed in an LED television is far different, despite the apparent similarity.  An LED television does not employ the actual LEDs as pixels to form the picture; rather, the LEDs are often only used to provide the backlighting behind an LCD display and these televisions are often confusingly referred to as “LED TVs”. 

Some of the newer types are wafer-thin thanks to the LEDs being mounted in the edge of the screen.  Older LCD TVs employed fluorescent tube backlighting, which makes for a bulkier and more electricity-hungry display.

LED backdrop screens are increasingly used at more stage events.  Large, tiled LED screens are set up behind the stage area and seem like an unobtrusive backdrop, but because it is, in essence, a large television, any image can be displayed on it.  The Barco® Olite 510 LED backdrop has been designed for this type of application.  It is made up of many tiles that can be built to any shape or size.

Installing Large LED Screens Could Turn Out To Be an Investment

Installing large LED screens might be a tough decision for you to make when you look at the capital outlay of a screen that size, but when you compare that to the potential revenues you can generate of such a screen it suddenly becomes worthwhile. It’s strange how such a tiny little light bulb can be used to create such amazing and intricately detailed graphics for display purposes.

They are installed inside the food courts of shopping malls, outside in their parking lots and they are even posted alongside the road where they can viewed by people from all angles. When these signs are placed in busy areas they can easily reach up to a hundred thousand people within a 24 hour period.

Large LED Screens for Big Events

Big events are the ideal places to have these screens installed and as long as you have enough space to host it, you can fit as many people as you like around it and everyone will have a great view. The trick to LEDs is combining them in variations of the primary colours red, blue and green. If you sit too close to one of these screens then the only thing you are going to see is a bunch of flickering lights.

In most cases you would need to have a screen big enough to fit the room, but in this case it’s actually better to work it the other way around. The size of the screen actually determines how big the viewing needs to be in order for you to see it effectively. People would need to be a minimum distance away from the screen in order to keep the image resolution looking crisp and clear without any fuzziness coming from the small globes.

Outdoor Screens are Perfect for Generating Revenue

Provided that you can secure a decent and legal location for the outdoor screens, you can actually generate a fair amount of income from the advertising sales. Busy roads are the perfect place to put these signs, as long as they do not disrupt or disturb the flow of traffic in anyway. The movement from the graphics often causes quite a distraction for drivers if they are moving, so it can be tough to get your location approved.

If you are able to set up an agreement with the relevant councils to have the screens installed, then all you need to do is build and install the sign and start running the adverts. However, on the other hand, the signs are may also be used to help guide traffic in case of any accidents along a specific route. Motorists can heed the warning and seek alternative routes to get to their destination.

If you still think that the use for installing large LED screens does not outweigh the cost, then it’s time you went and watched sport for a world cup match. You can experience the thrill of everything these screens have to offer.

Now, as you can see, Questek Advanced Technologies can assist you with LED screens for almost any application, from a living room TV to the perfect solution for bigger events.  Should you wish to know more and what we can do to help you not only choose the right LED screens but to also install them contact us.