Multi Projector Display

Questek Offers Multi Projector Display Solutions

Questek Advanced Technologies is your visualisation solution provider for every type of requirement from control rooms, digital signage or stadium displays to multi projector display solutions.  Questek is also the exclusive local distributor of Barco® display solutions and we can supply their well-known DLP™ (Digital Light Processing) projectors as well.

These DLP™ projectors exhibit exceptional light output and they combine this with advanced signal processing and a high resolution to deliver a remarkable performance achievement for large screen projection applications.  These projectors can be combined into a multi projector display setup by using advanced optical blending technology.  Barco’s iTraffic managed traffic monitoring and control system provides an all-in-one solution for traffic monitoring and this solution also allows for flexible displays solutions whereby multiple rear projection modules or flat panel LCD displays can be combined into one large display wall of virtually any size. 

There is a variety of screen sizes and resolutions available to enable iTraffic to display solutions in a way that meets the requirements of the application, notably the amount of information that has to be displayed simultaneously as well as the size of the control centre.  The multi-stackable projector screens can be tiled to any size and is controlled by a special Barco® controller unit.  The design is scalable and modular, allowing for projection modules (and controllers) to be added to grow the screen size.

Questek Advanced Technologies can offer you virtually any type of integrated visualisation solution, including Barco’s innovative multi projector display technologies.  For more information on how we can help you today, contact us.