Questek Supplies Barco® PACS

DICOM (Digital Imaging & Communications in Medicine) is a universal format for PACS (Picture Archiving & Communication Systems) image storage.  In the medical field, PACS is used for the storage, management, retrieval, presentation and distribution of medical imagery.  It encompasses both the hardware and software required to achieve these goals and eliminates traditional filing practices.  Barco® is a global market leader in visualisation solutions for PACS and Questek Advanced Technologies is the sole distributor of Barco® products locally.

In fact, Barco® has been developing visionary and innovative medical display and imaging solutions for over twenty years and today, they can offer a vast range of solutions for diagnostic, digital mammography, clinical review and surgical display purposes.  PACS plays an important role in managing the vast volume of medical display data and it is flexible enough to incorporate non-image data too, like scanned reports and documents in PDF format, for example.  Once these are encapsulated in the DICOM format, they can be incorporated in PACS for later retrieval and use.

Barco® display products provide for image modalities like MRI and CT, which can be incorporated in PACS.  However, a PACS would also require a network over which to transfer patient data, workstations and displays to interpret the data and archive media on which to store all the data.  PACS is prized for overcoming the limitations of the physical barriers of film-based image storage and retrieval.  Medical institutions can now use PACS to manage their CR, DR, MG, US, MR, PET, ENDO and CT images.

Questek Advanced Technologies can supply a Barco® PACS for your hospital or clinic too.  For more information, please contact us.