Rear Screen Projection

Questek Offers Multi Projector Display Solutions

Rear screen projection solutions are used in many applications and there is no company better than Questek Advanced Technologies to offer you the latest in rear screen projection technology for almost any type of application you can think of.  A rear projection screen projects the image from the rear onto a screen; the viewer sees the image through the screen.

In the case of a conventional front projection screen, the viewer would see the projected image on the front of the screen.  However, this image is easily drowned out by high ambient light levels and a major advantage of a rear projection screen is that the image remains clearly visible, even when the lights are on.  For example, delegations that have to take notes or interact with the presenter would have to have the lights on and would benefit greatly from the use of a rear projection screen.  The actual screen looks like a sheet of glass when it is not in use.  This sheet can be shaped to suit unique projection media, so it becomes a natural fit for exhibitions or retail and trade shows.

Questek has assisted well-known clients with their rear projection installations.  At Carnival City Casino, we had to collaborate with their architects to implement their groundbreaking new multi-entertainment, audio-visual solution that creates a wonderful virtual world of fantasy.  We also made extensive use of rear projection screens in the Salon Privé and in the rest of the casino to display sports information and betting information, among others.

Rear screen projection technology gives you an edge and allows you to implement creative new solutions.  Questek Advanced Technologies can bring you the best benefits of this technology today.  Contact us.