Stage Lighting

Questek Implements Innovative Stage Lighting Solutions

At Questek Advanced Technologies, we are experts at conceptualising, designing, integrating and implementing advanced visualisation solutions.  However, we are also stage lighting experts and we can conceive a stage lighting solution that suits your application, whether it is for a play or a music concert.

Our professional lighting can cater for any type of event and will add to the visual impact and appeal of your event.  Talk to us about the kind of effect you want to create and we will design the lighting system to do just that.  Lighting can play a pivotal role in establishing a mood or a special effect; multi-coloured flashing lights are typically employed at rock concerts to create an intriguing psychedelic effect.

At the end of the day, the lighting should succeed in showing off your stage performers at their best and the lighting has to be carefully planned to avoid unwanted shadows or over-lighting.  Their faces should be illuminated properly, because a lot of the audience’s experience of the event comes from seeing the facial expressions of the artists on stage.  Patterned templates in front of the lights can be used to project coloured shapes and we can set up the lights to pan and flash in any colour you desire.  They may be set up to periodically sweep the audience, making them feel part of the action.

Badly planned stage lighting can detract from a well-planned opera, play, concert or musical show.  Questek Advanced Technologies is your expert lighting partner that can make sure you get the effect you wanted.  For more information, please contact us today.