Surgical Display

Questek Supplies The Products Of Surgical Display Specialist Barco®

A doctor operating on a patient requires the very best surgical display that relays the finest detail faithfully and offers a crisp and clear image.  Invasive surgery is always risky and both doctors and patients get the quality and reliability they deserve with a Barco® surgical display.  Questek Advanced Technologies is proud to be the exclusive local supplier of the market leading Barco® brand of surgical and medical displays technologies.

Barco® surgical displays are renowned the world over for their unsurpassed precision.  They are designed to work seamlessly and reliably in the integrated operating theatre and meet all safety and space requirements set out for these environments.  Invasive surgery is complex and often life-threatening, so medical staff and patients alike demand the very best equipment to minimise the risks.  Barco’s endoscopic and surgical displays offer superior image quality and precision in even the most demanding circumstances.

Besides surgical displays, Barco® manufactures an extensive line of top quality DICOM-compliant clinical review displays that are typically used in radiology departments, bringing quality-controlled and crisp images to the point of care.  Similarly, the manufacturer’s digital mammography displays amply meet the challenges of clinical mammography reporting and digital breast screening.  In addition, an entire range of diagnostic display systems are available in both colour and greyscale for any application or modality.  Image quality, contrast and brightness are consistently superior, ensuring top quality radiology imaging.

Questek Advanced Technologies is the sole Barco® medical and surgical display supplier in South Africa.  In addition, we offer virtually any type of integrated visualisation solutions for conferencing, surveillance, education, entertainment and multimedia.  For more information, contact us today.