Video Servers

Questek Offers Media And Video Servers

Media and video servers are crucial to the success of a digital signage campaign.  Digital signage is relatively expensive, so do not let your investment and efforts fall by the wayside through the lack of proper video servers to back up the campaign.  Questek Advanced Technologies is your digital signage partner, so let us help you leverage the technology to its full potential.

Sony® Ziris is a prime example of a media server that can keep an eye on your entire network, reporting back in real-time and affording you access to your communications and media that are being played out on each of your digital signage screens at all times.  Control all the devices on your network easily, including each screen’s video input selection and audio level.

Enterprise sQ® is a broadcast server system that can help media innovators utilise every opportunity.  Now, you have more ways to reach more people in more places on more devices.  Their Quantel system can set you on your way and help you get great broadcasting media out across virtually any array of delivery platforms, quickly and efficiently.  Now you can do news, graphics, longform, promos and post – all by using the same package!  Quantel’s integrated production systems are also used by major media organisations like ESPN, BBC, Fox, Sky News Australia and Channel 7, to name a few.  Quantel solutions are scalable and provide a perfect fit, no matter what the scale and scope of the need.  They are also inclusive and enterprise-wide on any desktop that needs them.

Questek Advanced Technologies can offer you all these opportunities through the supply of market leading media and video servers from these leading manufacturers.  For more information, feel free to contact us.