Virtual Reality

Questek Can Create A Virtual Reality World With Our Visualisation Solutions

Many organisations try to create intriguing virtual reality effects to best show off their museums, plays or concerts.  At Questek Advanced Technologies, we are experts at lighting designs and visualisation solutions and we can create a fantasy virtual reality world that can help you best present your production to your audience.

Questek can design tailor-made projection solutions to immerse your audience in a dazzling, virtual, 3D world.  This is especially useful at museums and at spectaculars where the material that is presented is at least as important as the visual effect with which it is achieved.  Present your audience with your vision by way of an unforgettably interactive experience.  Advanced virtual reality projects incorporate the integration of multiple projectors to create a pseudo reality; this is not only used for entertainment, but also for training and education.  Questek had installed the virtual reality visualisation systems for the South African Air Force’s flight simulators.

In addition, the Department of Information’s Virtual Reality Centre employs Questek’s expertise to make their virtual reality scene-optimising training programmes possible.  In museum environments, Questek has installed virtual reality systems to illustrate the course of history at Constitution Hill and Robben Island, among other venues.  Of course, the technology is also prevalent in other entertainment applications and enormous LED backdrops are very effective at creating a virtual world behind a stage, displaying large imagery, animation of video behind the performers, or creating a virtual landscape for them.

Virtual reality has acquired a fascinating new facet with Questek Advanced Technologies’ fresh ideas bringing life to history, entertainment and education.  Contact us today.