Flat Screens

Questek Can Supply Flat Screens From Reputable Brands


Questek Advanced Technologies can provide flat screens for any application, whether it is a television for your home, outdoor digital signage or for video conferencing purposes.  An indoor flat panel display usually makes use of either LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or plasma technology.  Traditionally, indoor television and computer displays were of the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) type, i.e. the heavy and bulky glass tube televisions we grew up with.  The rounded front of the tube usually meant that people watching at oblique angles never really saw the full picture.

This was later improved with flatter screens, but the CRT was bound to be replaced by something that broke the mould.  It just so happened that LCD was first of the flat screens, but the first ones had several disadvantages, initially limiting their use to laptop computers.  Certainly, they were compact, provided a crisp image and used little power, but their latency was poor and they could only be viewed from dead ahead.  This prompted the development of the plasma screen, which seemed set to take over the world.

However, LCD caught up and proved all its detractors wrong by eliminating all their problems over time.  Today, there is little to choose between LCD and plasma.  In fact, because plasma uses fluorescent lights that turn the pixels on and off, it uses more power than an LCD, which uses liquid crystals to change the focus of the light on the pixels, often backlit by high-brightness, low-power LEDs.  Of course, both types of installations ensure a flat display that wastes far less space than the old CRT displays.

Questek Advanced Technologies can offer you the very best LCD and plasma flat screens available today.  We can even provide enormous outdoor LED flat panel displays for stadiums.  For more information on all the visualisation solutions we can offer you, contact us.