InFocus Mondopad

Why an HD Wall Tablet is a Must for Any Meeting

Using an HD wall tablet for your meetings is a great way to interact with all those attending the meeting. You can create a completely interactive environment where everyone can network and connect to the main display and everyone can brainstorm their ideas and work through the meeting agenda together.

HD Wall Tablet InFocus MondopadIt acts like a regular HD display screen where people can view presentations and video files in high definition, but it also runs directly off a built-in PC that runs a standard Windows operating system that virtually all computer users are familiar with, making it user friendly and easy navigate your way around. The PC functions like a regular terminal on any existing IT network you have in place.

The InFocus Mondopad is a great example of a wall tablet that you can install inside your boardrooms even if you have no network points available. All you need is a wireless router somewhere in the office and it will be able to connect through its own wireless transceiver. It also comes with a remote control, but you may find that difficult to use when you consider the 55 inch touch screen that you have to access the computer and its data, just like any other computer.

The InFocus Mondopad is a Cut Above the Rest

If you are thinking this is nothing but a big toy screen to play tricks with presentations then think again, because it goes a lot further than pushing a really big screen. Granted a big touch screen might not be enough to sell some people so they also included full video conference features with a USB camera above the display unit and built in high definition speakers to project the audio loud and clear.

The USB for the camera also allows you to use other peripheral input devices like a mouse or a keyboard. You can even plug a Bluetooth adapter in there and use a wireless keyboard so you can sit back and work from a distance. Aside from the peripherals it also has superior connectivity capabilities, allowing you to add video component, S-Video and HDMI as video input solutions.

The multiple inputs means that you are not limited to the PC and instead you can add television and satellite connections, DVD players, digital cameras and even cellphones and handheld tablets. When the wall tablet is connected to your network via cable or the wireless, it can access any other terminal on the network to pull a file off your computer by your desk. It is quite a convenient way to get your files into the meeting without having to be embarrassed about leaving it behind.

An HD Wall Tablet Will Help You Do More For Your Meetings

Instead of relying on expensive video conferencing equipment, you can simply link in the camera and make a regular video call using your favourite program. The images from the call will be displayed in high definition on the full colour 1080p display for everyone to see. The screen itself has been designed with a wide viewing angle so that it can be seen clearly from all angles in the room.

The touch screen lets you interact with all your documents, allowing you the freedom to change headlines, swap images out, and update any of the content that is on the screen. When other members of the meeting are connected with their own PCs they too can add their own input into the presentation and make changes to form a part of the discussion.

That interaction alone is what makes it a really great design tool for web-based applications and digital media advertising, because it offers them a chance to brainstorm their ideas and play around with formats before a final draft can be drawn up. You also have the ability to switch to whiteboard mode where you can use the touch screen to draw and mark down your ideas in the same you would with a regular sketch pad.

It comes with a portable stand so it works like a regular television as well and if you need to move the screen off the wall to place it on the desk you can do so without any hassle. If the wires are still a problem, then you can connect it up via Wi-Fi and your problem is solved.


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