LCD Monitor

Get A Top Quality LCD Monitor From Questek

The LCD monitor has come a long way.  LCD technology goes back over a hundred years, but the first LCD display was built in the U.S.A. in 1972.  Early LCD screens displayed very poor latency and could only be viewed from dead ahead.  That made them unsuitable for televisions with people sitting at varying angles; the poor latency meant that any movement on the screen was characterised by intrusive “smearing”.  The plasma screen overcame these shortcomings, but continued LCD research and development eventually produced the superb flat panel screens like the ones supplied today by Questek Advanced Technologies.

In fact, a modern LCD monitor with edge lighting by high-brightness LEDs is supremely light and compact (it can be hanged on a wall like a portrait) and it exhibits excellent image quality over a wide viewing angle.  The liquid crystals are used to vary the focus of the light on the pixels and when that light comes from LEDs (as opposed to the fluorescent lamps used in plasma displays), the unit uses extremely little power too.  This has made LCDs very popular for computer screens (freeing up valuable desk space), shop displays and even those little advertisements shown in dressing rooms.

Research has proven that those dressing room displays in shopping centres can have a significant effect on the number of feet that enter the shops that advertise on them.  An added advantage is that the message can be changed continuously, alternating the different subscribers’ advertisements.  Of course, LCD technology also makes for excellent video conference displays.

There is bound to be an LCD monitor that features in your daily life somewhere.  Make sure you get it from Questek Advanced Technologies – we offer the best quality and widest range at eminently reasonable prices.  Contact us.