Barco LED solutions

Barco LED Solutions Offer Value And Reliability


Considering its diminutive size, it is really quite amazing how the tiny light emitting diode has changed so much of the technology around us that had, before its invention, remained unchanged for generations. A simple torch that once used a delicate filament globe now uses an array of tough LEDs that last forever and consume very little energy yet provide greater illumination. TV sets and monitors have discarded their CRTs, embracing newer technologies such as that used in Barco LED solutions.

Conventionally, in a colour video or TV display, three light emitting diodes, one red, one green and one blue are formed into clusters known as pixels. When excited by an incoming signal, the component diodes are illuminated to differing degrees combining their outputs to produce a colour within the visible spectrum.

Indoors and Out

There are two main types of panel in common use the one being more suitable for indoor use while the other is widely used both indoors and out. Barco LED solutions make use of both types of panel.

For outdoor use, the conventional panel with discrete LEDs provides the higher brightness and resolution needed for distant viewing in bright daylight but is equally suitable for use indoors. An alternative format, more suitable indoors, employs Surface Mounted Device or SMD panels. In this construction the three diodes are combined into single units smaller than a pinhead and mounted very close together. Their maximum viewing distance is somewhat less than a discrete diode panel of identical resolution.

barco ledBarco LED solutions are to be found all over the country in a wide range of locations and performing very differing tasks. In the hospital environment it is very likely that you will see them being used for medical imaging, a field in which their outstanding reliability and performance has made them the brand of choice internationally.
Step into an average air traffic control tower and it is very likely that the vital monitoring systems needed to keep the busy flight paths and runways safe also make use of Barco LED solutions.

Size is No Object

One of the most amazing features of the LED panel is the ease with which multiple units may be interlocked to form large displays. Not only can this result in truly gigantic displays but the individual panels may also be formed into a variety of shapes including geometric solids such as cylinders and cubes.

Roll-up, units studded with LEDs and assembled into hanging structures known as LED curtains have begun to gain prominence in exhibition halls where their ease of portability is a huge advantage. In this field too, Barco LED solutions are lighting the way.

Leaders in Entertainment and Educational Displays

Any rugby, soccer or cricket ground of stature will have at least one large screen display and, although projection displays may be used for this purpose, LEDs will normally be the system of choice.
Where once we may have needed to read some lengthy text to help us understand a museum display, these educational outlets, along with zoos and aquaria have stepped into the 21st century with video and animated displays to explain all.

Barco LED solutions continue to offer satisfaction and value for money. Contact us for these and other innovative display options.