LED Big Screens

NX-4 As The Most Advanced LED Big Screens On The Market


Questek Advanced Technologies provides a wide range of electronic visual display solutions to retailers, exhibitors, sport organisers, and public property managers. LED big screens are rather popular at present because of the superior visibility, low maintenance costs, and flexibility embedded in such LED big screens.

The NX-4 is only one of the only true black indoor LED big screens on the market today. As another one of the top BARCO products, it offers superior imaging and several other amazing features such as a contrast ratio level of 4000:1, 16 bit colour and gray scale in addition to brightness output of 2000 Nit and being serviceable with special tool usage. The NX-4 LED big screens are lightweight in design and demonstrate excellent consistency over a long period.

Considered the next breakthrough in LED technology, the NX-4 LED big screens set new standards for indoor visual displays. Black LED is used to ensure amazing imaging quality. The technology embedded is not just an advance on previous LED technology, but can be considered revolutionary, setting the bar for LED big screen standards a few inches higher.

One of the most important factors that contribute to the uniqueness of the NX-4 LED big screens is the true black LED used. When the screen is turned off, it is black throughout. Instead of white epoxy used black technology makes for a truly amazing product whether it is switched on or off. Not only is it highly attractive, but it provides the deepest of deep blacks. Black silicon resin is used in the place of the more conventional white epoxy ensuring the superior output of 2000 Nit and also the perfect contrast ratio of 4000 to one. Light trap shades are used to ensuring perfect viewing at whatever angle.

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