Light Emitting Diode

Get The Best Light Emitting Diode Displays From Questek

LED (light emitting diode) displays are commonly used as large displays at sporting venues, outdoor shows and for large digital signage boards.  These large LED screens usually employ thousands of LEDs, each acting as a pixel on the screen.  Their close-up resolution is poor, since they are intended to be viewed by many people from far off.  Questek Advanced Technologies can provide you with a range of LED visualisation solutions.

Light emitting diode technology is noted for being particularly economical on power, since most of the energy they consume is converted to light.  However, sometimes the term is used very freely and most “LED” televisions do not employ LEDs for the pixels; rather, the LEDs provide the backlighting while the screen is an LCD (liquid crystal display).  Newer televisions even employ edge LED lighting, with the LEDs sitting in the edge of the screen and not behind it.  This makes for an even flatter installation that can easily be hung upon a wall like a portrait.

Barco® is a market leading, international manufacturer of visualisation solutions and they offer several indoor LED displays that are also available for purchase and installation through Questek. Their indoor range is called iLite™ and boasts a slim design, superb colour uniformity and unequalled contrast and brightness.  These indoor LED modules are built for life on the road and are available with strong flight cases, sturdy rental structures and a user-friendly and powerful processor that allows you to have your display installed and calibrated in short order.  The panels can be built up to virtually any size or shape display.

Once you have seen the visualisation solutions available from Questek Advanced Technologies, you will realise that you can get the best from light emitting diode technology today.  Contact us.