Lighting Controllers

Questek Applies The Best Lighting Controllers To Your Stage Lighting Needs

Questek Advanced Technologies is a leading force in stage and event lighting and we can implement an entire lighting solution at your event as well, whether it is a rock concert, a trade show or a fashion parade.  We employ the latest technology and the most advanced lighting controllers to achieve the lighting effects you want at your event.

Our experts are masters of the lighting art and they know just which lighting controllers to use to suit the requirements of a specific event and to achieve the special lighting effects you want.  A tailored lighting setup shows off your stage and performers at their best and sets the mood and ambience for your event.  Lights may be placed in the wings of the stage and brightly coloured and revolving lights can sweep the stage and the audience for added effect and to draw the audience into the action.  Adaptability is a key feature and we can achieve almost any effect with our cleverly conceived lighting concepts.

For a start, your performers should be adequately illuminated and their faces should be well lit to show their facial expressions.  Well-placed and -planned lighting will avoid shadows on their faces and the lighting will also illuminate them enough as to not warrant any consideration – the less the audience thinks about the lighting, the better it works.  We ensure that the lighting effects blend seamlessly into each other, discreetly adapting to the scene or mood.

Questek Advanced Technologies only employs the most advanced lighting controllers when they design a professional lighting setup for your opera, play, show or concert.  We also offer a vast array of other visualisation solutions, so contact us today for more information.