Media Servers

Media Servers Handle It All


If you’ve ever tried to deliver a presentation from more than just a single set of slides or perhaps a PowerPoint file, you probably wished for a couple of assistants or an extra pair of hands. Collating video footage with sound and the output from a PC or perhaps with a TV signal is definitely best handled by specialized media servers. These devices allow a user to manage a range of different multimedia inputs. In addition media servers also allow the user to determine to which of several devices they will be output.

Typically, media servers are able to process input from a wide range of media devices as CD players, DVD recorders, videotape machines and both broadcast and closed circuit cable television cameras. With access to media servers, the presenter’s job is now made far simpler by combining access to all of the prepared media material through a single compact device that allows him or her to instantly switch between one and another medium at the touch of a button.

Media servers also have applications outside of the lecture hall or demo room. In the home, for instance, they could provide the means to stream the output from an internet video to one or more of the family’s TV sets. On the home front, compact media servers offer their users a high degree of versatility that includes the ability to directly display photographs from the SD or CF (Compact Flash) card of a digital camera or the contents of a USB memory stick as well as to interface with a range of audio and video protocols.

Most media servers will also be able to accept and process signals from either a local area or wide area network as well as via wireless inputs. MP3, MP4 and AVI formats will all be handled with ease by any of the better media servers and output high definition images and high fidelity sound via any compatible TV monitor screen.

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