Media Managers

Media Managers To The Rescue


The term media managers may need some explanation but, in essence, it can be used, quite legitimately, to describe either the hardware, such as a media server, or the software components of a digital asset management system (DAMS) or a media asset management system (MAMS). Media managers are capable of performing a multitude of tasks that includes the downloading, storage, backing up, compression, optimization archiving, classification and export of a wide range of audio and video file formats to networks and display systems.

Media managers are widely used by broadcasters, advertisers and social networks, to name just a few and they are also finding their way into private homes where they serve to manage such things as personal video and CD collections, digital photographs and much more. The material handled by media managers is often referred to a system’s assets and will normally consist of a mix of files that have been collected and stored in digital format following analog to digital conversion where necessary.

Typically, media managers have an important function in such activities as brand management, allowing stored content such as logos and promotional content to be re-used and distributed via networks between branches for national or local marketing and advertising initiatives. One other area that has benefitted greatly from the use of media managers is that of library asset management. Their use makes the process of archiving video and photo material far easier than traditional procedures.

The role of media managers is constantly expanding as more and more new applications arise. The creators of video material such as that employed in video gaming, special visual effects and animated movies now rely heavily on their use to cut production time and manage the finished product. Retailers of digital materials such as video games, music videos and the like also depend on media managers to maintain their digital supply chains.

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