Media Servers

Media Servers For A Fully Integrated Presentation


In today’s increasingly audio-visual environment, managing huge volumes of mixed input signals and providing widely compatible outlet signals, is often a mission critical requirement for organizations such as TV broadcasters and online news agencies. Such a task can only be tackled efficiently with the help of powerful media servers. Their ability to accept multiple incoming media streams in mixed formats, to store and later output signals suitable for a wide range of interfaces has made media servers invaluable to anyone engaged in the professional handling of multimedia.

The role of media servers is not, however, restricted to commercial uses. In education and training situations where the presentation material has a strong audio-visual content, it is often necessary to integrate materials of different types into a single presentation. Media servers allow presenters to process content input from a range of sources such as television signals, CD and DVD players, video recorders and even PCs or laptops and to output any of these media streams selectively at the touch of a button.

At home, more modest video servers can serve a useful role in organizing the family’s home entertainment. For instance, an internet video downloading via a laptop can now use the server to distribute the content to one or more TV sets located elsewhere in the house. Because of the ability of media servers to handle a range of inputs, the same device could be used to divert the output from a video camera, USB memory stick or photos from a digital camera to a big screen TV.

One of the great strength of media servers lies in their ability to accept inputs via a local or wide area network as well as from wireless sources. Media servers are also able to process signals in widely differing formats such as WMV, AVI, MP3 and MP4 and to output simple analog or digital signals such as that used for IP transmission.

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