Out of Home Media

Spending On Out Of Home Media Soars


Acutely aware of the increasing amount of time that today’s consumers regularly spend away from their homes, advertisers have begun to shift their focus from the more traditional indoor shop windows provided by TV, radio, online and print material to out of home media designed to target today’s more mobile consumers. Statistics suggest that there has been a steady increase in spending on out of house media averaging more than 25% per annum over the past 5 years. Last year, total US spending on this type of advertising rose to a record of almost $7 billion.

Out of home media advertising has been with us for much longer than 5 years of course.  Roadside billboards, colourful decals mounted on buses and taxis that offer everything from holidays to lingerie and the latest movies are everywhere but no longer capture our attention to quite the same extent that they used to. There are around 100 formats of out of home media in use, but it is the electronic devices and their innovative technologies that are, once again, turning the heads of the nation’s movers and shakers.

The most effective forms of out of home media in widespread use today are undoubtedly the various video displays. These come in a wide range of sizes from the single Plasma, LCD and LED screens found in in-store displays and dedicated to specific products to much larger displays produced either by projection on to a single big screen or by networking varying numbers of smaller screens to create a video wall that provides the ultimate in out of home media.

One recent, powerful and highly versatile addition to these giant-sized out of home media displays is the LED backdrop. Offering the last word in portability, these wall-sized, out of home media units can be erected and fully functional within just a matter of minutes.

If you target is the mobile consumer, electronic out of home media units are the clear solution. For industry-leading products and professional support and guidance, be sure to contact us first.