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If you're looking for enhanced contrast, enhanced brightness, enhanced image uniformity, anti-reflective coatings, ultra-short built-in depths and screens optimized for single lens projectors then look no further than Questek Advanced Technologies' range of DNP optical screens. The advanced optical lens system, enables you to control the projected image. It lets you become a master of light.

While conventional front and rear projections screens spread the light in all directions, optical screens enhance the image for optimum viewing by combining the focusing abilities of a Fresnel lens with the distributive properties of lenticular lenses. The result is up to 4 times higher brightness and extremely uniform images without "hot-spots" and dark corners. Contrast, however, is the key to the perfect image - especially when using single lens projectors, which are often very bright but have relatively poor black-levels. For use in brightly lit rooms and outdoor environments, DNP has developed advanced contrast enhancement technologies - such as the Black Bead and Ultra Contrast filters. Technologies which improve the perceived contrast and black levels of your image.

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