Projectors: Questek Advanced Technologies specializes in providing flexible, high performance projectors for various markets... read more

Flat Sreens: Questek Advanced Technologies supplies a complete range of flat screen monitors, plasma and LCD screens for display, digital... read more

Video conferencing: The use of video conferencing has the potential to increase productivity and efficiency by reducing unproductive travel time... read more


Sreens: If you’re looking for enhanced contrast, enhanced brightness, enhanced image uniformity, anti-reflective coatings, ultra-short built-in depths and... read more

Switching and Interfacing: Questek Advanced Technologies supplies a complete range of data computer, video and audio interfaces...  read more

Delegate Systems: As leading suppliers of audio conferencing systems, voting, visual display and simultaneous interpretation systems... read more


Digital Cinemas: Digital cinema opens up a whole new world of business opportunity. Whether for digital post production, premier... read more

Broadcasting: Broadcast companies worldwide have chosen Questek's visualization solutions for their monitoring and studio needs. Be it for TV shows... read more

LED: LED tile designed for creative applications as well as the classic IMAG (Image Magnification) applications. Each tile can be easily split up into small... read more


Image Processing: A variety of sensors for single display viewing, digitally record the resultant image or perform image processing... read more

Video Walls: Lamp-based video walls have proven their excellent picture quality and low cost of ownership in many control rooms applications all over the world... read more

Media Servers: Axon media servers to project logos and powerful moving images onto the screen. The design features the first installation... read more