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World-leading corporate brands understand the power of visibility. Networked LED and LCD solutions maximise your brand's exposure. Whether it's large screen displays in sports arenas, giant outdoor branding media or digital advertising and targeted communications in shopping centers and high-impact locations - digital, interactive and targeted communications bring your message into focus and strengthen its impact.

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Corporate Image

Our Corporate Image
Entrance halls, lobbies and exteriors of corporate headquarters create top-of-mind awareness of your brand. Whether it's generating personalised welcome messages for guests visiting the building, news flashes, real-time share prices, corporate advertising, corporate profile DVD or staff motivational material - display technology will bring your corporate image headquarters to life.

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Content scheduling software:
Total content delivery solution - Info Caster
In-transportation personal entertainment system - Cayin Digital Signage
Networked digital signage - Cayin Digital Signage2

Advertising and Branding

Our Advertising and Branding
Dynamic digital signage solutions increase your brand's visibility. You can advertise, inform, merchandise or entertain - from still photos and text messages to full motion video and current web based formats such as HTML, Flash and Director. When utilising electronic at a touch of a button you can change point-of-sale display throughout a retail chain from a central control location. In a networked environment there is the ability to distribute information instantaneously to hundreds of sites countrywide.

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