State of the Art LCD Cinema Projectors

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If you are after a high quality LCD cinema projector that offers both pristine images and value for money then Questek Advanced Technologies has the answer for you. Our range of single lens projectors has enhanced contrast, brightness and image uniformity and offers anti-reflective coatings and ultra-short built in depths. This advanced technology will enable you full control over the projected image and can make anyone a master of light.

The different types of projectors available from our wide selection include:

  • Digital projectors
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Cinema Projectors
  • Home theatre and cinema projectors
  • Portable multimedia projectors and
  • Conference room projectors, to name a few
LCD Cinema Projectors

The LCD cinema projectors provide for a far clearer and much sharper image than many of its counterparts can. It goes about shining light through small LCD panels which are extremely sharp and vibrant in colour. These projectors are ideally used for enjoying movies at home or for presentations. These projectors deliver best image quality results when used in dimly lit rooms.

We offer an exciting range of top of the line LCD cinema projectors designed for your viewing pleasure. Our projectors offer the very best features and stats at the most affordable prices. It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the various terms associated with the features of our leading range of cinema projectors so you can gauge what your expectations from your projector will be:

  • The brightness of the projector: – The brightness of LCD cinema projectors is getting more and more advanced. It is measured in ANSI lumens. State of the art projectors feature 3000 lumens or higher and this is entirely suitable for a board room seating 20 people. When purchased for home use, brightness doesn’t feature as importantly since there is the assumption that the projector will be used in a darkened room. However when purchasing a cinema projector for educational or business use and you are unsure about the level of ambient light in the rooms then you will need to opt for a projector with 4000 to 6000 lumens, something which we will be more than happy to help you with.
  • Resolution: – The projector’s resolution is important since it represents the accuracy of the image which is cast by the projector. Most corporate or educational use projectors will fall into two categories namely the XGA 1024 x 769 pixels or the SVGA 800 x 600 pixels projectors. It will work in conjunction with Blur Ray players and other High Definition sources like the latest laptops and PCs. FullHD 1080p is becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers and with good reason.
  • Contrast ratio: – If picture quality is very important to you then you shouldn’t only concentrate on the brightness, but also on the contrast ratio. Contrast is a measure of how well the projector is able to block out light and will directly impact the quality of the picture you receive.

Proud Service History

We work hard to provide our customers with the quality products they expect and to provide them with quality and value for their money. Through our collective efforts to ensure our customers get what they pay for and more, Questek Advanced Technologies has grown to become one of the leaders in the LCD cinema projector supplier industry. We not only work to meet the stringent expectations and demands placed on us by our varied customers, but we also continually strive to exceed them.

Questek Advanced Technology is a Black Empowered Company and we are proud of our contribution to transformation in our beautiful country. We form part of the Questek Group and specialise in visualisation and electronic display for the professional industries and markets. We provide answers to specific visual value solutions that our customers are in need of in their diverse markets and industries. For innovative solutions to your visualisation and electronic display needs make contact with any of our seasoned specialists today.