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Visual Media Presentations And Projector Screens In South Africa


When you purchase a projector to take care of your visual media presentation requirements in the conferencing room or hall of your company, you need to ensure that you get the right type of projector screens in South Africa. Projector screens need to be white and made from a non-reflective material to maximise viewing capabilities. The material also needs to be durable and thick enough so that images displayed on the screen are not broken or dim.

You can choose between retractable and permanent projector screens in South Africa. Permanently installed projector screens are ideal for use in areas where the main function of the room is for visual media. Retractable projector screens are more suitable for conferencing rooms or areas where there is more than one purpose for the room. The screen can simply be rolled away conveniently when it is not required and then extended when presentations need to take place. Whichever type of projector screen you choose, make sure that you get professional installation services.

The placement of projector screens is very important to ensure that the visual imagery is clear to the people viewing the presentations in your conference areas. The projector screens need to be installed high enough so that the imagery is clear to every person when seated. The installation team will also be able to assess where the best placement of the projector screens will be in the room. They will take into consideration seating arrangements for presentations as well as the lighting in a room. Remember that the lighting must be low around the projector screens so that the visual displays are clear, in focus and to ensure the correct contrast.

Choose The Right Barco CRT Projector For Your Needs


barco projectorsFor those who are not entirely familiar with the range, a CRT projector is one that uses a picture tube (CRT) that is small and makes use of high brightness to generate images. The small image that this projector creates is enlarged and focused onto a screen where it can clearly be seen. The average modern Barco CRT projector is designed to display colour and there are various designs and models to choose from.

When looking for a Barco CRT Projector you are bound to discover that this particular brand has been a world leading manufacturer of projection systems for over 20 years. The Barco range is supported on a world wide scale and includes items of equipment for use in electronic cinemas, entertainment, edutainment, presentations, training, trade shows, process control, surveillance and so many more applications. When choosing a Barco CRT projector you can expect value for money and product quality. In addition to this the Barco brand has just added a number of new CRT home cinema projection items to their product range with the most popular models being the BarcoVision 508, the BarcoVision 708 MM and the BarcoVision 1609s.

All of the CRT projectors offered by Barco are designed to present award winning home entertainment systems and images as well as systems that can quite effectively be used in the work place. One of the major benefits of these projectors too is that they sport a lightweight and compact design which makes life easier for those on the move.

At Questek Advanced Technologies we stock the most technologically advanced Barco projectors and a wide range of other imaging and display solutions to suit a variety of needs and budgets. We also ensure that each and every one of our clients is provided with access to a range of the best quality screens and displays and the lowest possible rates. We will also advise you on which projectors and displays are best suited to your needs and particular situation.

If you are interested in investing in a Barco CRT projector or similar, remember to trust the professionals in the field with assisting you with making the right decision. Chat to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members or consultants about the quality and reliability of our extensive range of projectors, screens, displays, video walls, conferencing systems, surveillance systems and more and you will certainly not be disappointed.

To get the best solutions for your presentations and visual electronic display requirements with projector screens in South Africa, please contact us.

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