Video Projectors

Top Video Projectors For Superior Quality Imaging


Questek Advanced Technologies is a well-known supplier of advanced display solutions. We, apart, from video walls also offer a range of video projectors including the SXGA+ resolution types offering resolution at 1400 by 1050 pixels. This ensures that with these video projectors that 87% increase in the resolution can be obtained over XGA and it also ensures a full 12% increase in resolution over SXGA.

The SXGA+ video projectors offer superior brightness and perfect imaging not equalled by other technologies, making them perfect for medical imaging applications. The DLP technology is the underlying secret to the range of F20 SX+ video projectors. Superb contrast and the full range natural colours make them the first choice of medical practitioners. The projectors are reliable, which is a characteristic required for medical displays. Micro displays have thus come a long way. With the DLP technology embedded, consistency in imaging for thousands of hours is possible.

Each of the video projectors is calibrated in the final stages of manufacturing ensuring consistent quality. RealColor makes it possible to match the projectors for ensuring standardised projection of primary colours as well as grey scaling without the need for application of a complex process.

Another feature of the video projectors available from us is the BrilliantColor technology applied which enables advanced colour displays including superb saturation and gamut abilities. With such technology a perfect balance between the cyans, magentas, yellows and other colours normally present in the natural scenes is possible while little contamination between colours take place. This in turn ensures the perfect image quality associated with the video projectors.

The video projectors come with a range of three projection lenses including the wide angle and ultra wide angle as well as the barrel adjustment. Minimal picture distortion takes place. View the range of video projectors available from us and contact us for a quote or installation assistance today.