3D Display Technology

Revolutionising Marketing and Advertising Campaigns


A few of the experts on the international technology market believe that 3D display technology (read more about our technologies) will play a vital role in changing the way in which consumers interact and respond to brands and manufacturers, on a global scale. It is easily noted that modern lifestyles have changed in such a way that consumers make use of various forms of technology for convenience, without even noticing it. It has become necessary to keep experimenting with technologies available in order to keep the market place stocked with newer and better products to choose from and enjoy.

One of the leading products in this range to take the market place by storm is that of 3D printing. This is a process where a 3D file is uploaded to a computer and then broken down into layers by specialised software. The layers are printed on a solid material – in most cases, plastic – which forms a solid final object. What does this mean for the consumer? It means that now consumers can personalise products and this can be done at home, or by another service provider. Many believe that this technology will bring about an industrial revolution.

Understanding what this sort of technology means for your future is something that should be taken up with the professionals in the field. At Questek Advanced Technologies we are more than willing and able to present you with more information on what this sort of product means for marketing, product branding and general advertising of companies, including yours. There is no doubt that this type of display and branding will take your business’ visibility on the market place to new heights.

Visual imaging has certainly changed the way in which companies market themselves and get themselves noticed and it goes without saying that with the advent of new technologies, the time seems right for a revolution. When selecting any displays and other media products from our catalogue, you can expect for us to provide you with professional installation services. We also ensure that we provide our clients with a phenomenal after sales service which caters to repairs and maintenance along the way, should you require it. Our technicians will visit your premises, set everything up for you and ensure that you are shown how to make use of your new equipment.

We are a black empowered company with a staff complement that believes in a hands-on approach and friendly service. We only present products to the market that offer product quality, value for money and unfailing reliability. This means that you can invest in any items on our product range and have complete peace of mind that you will be able to use if for many years to come.

If the use of 3D display technology intrigues you and you would like to discover more about it then chat to one of our knowledgeable sales consultants who can assist you with understanding the products that are available, and further help you with selecting the ones that best suit your specific needs.