All about BARCO

BARCO is a global organisation which designs and develops various visualisation solutions for the professional markets like entertainment and media, transportation and traffic, training and education, security and defence, and for corporate world.

Today, this brand offers a wide range of products to the market which includes variety of display monitors, projectors, multi projector display, video walls, LED solutions, lightening products, image processing solutions, and software’s for air traffic control, and last but not the least sensor and sensor processors as well.

BARCO was established by Lucien De Puydt in Belgium in the year 1934. In its early days it deals only in assembly of the radio sets which parts were imported from United States and that’s why it is called BARCO (Belgian American Radio Corporation). After the greatest hit of the first project, the innovations and new revolutions in industry of communications made BARCO to adopt and undergo huge changes whether it is for television or broadcasting stations.

In the year 1981, BARCO (read more) split into two different companies, the first being BARCO Electronic for manufacturing and satisfy needs of consumer market and the second BARCO Industries which deals in high tech electronics for visualisations and process control. But in the year 1989, BARCO Electronic and BARCO Industries merged again to become one company and become international with worldwide ambition.

Finally with all hard work and ambitious goals, the brand became truly a global company in the year 1990 and got listed in Brussels Stock Exchange; this was the greatest achievement.

Then, after that many changes and innovations and regular research and development, BARCO declared its turnover of 751 million Euros and stood in the liege of the top 150 companies in the world in the year 2000. In the last several years, BARCO acquired a lot of companies like Trans-Lux West of United States, Leyard Electronics of China, and many more companies.

After achieving great performance in the international markets, this million dollar company is now focusing on to develop their sales and market their product in India. Their research and development team is working on the specifications and innovations which they need to develop in their existing products because India and several more Asian markets have their different specifications and requirements. Initially, they will focus on Electronic Cinema and will strike process control and presentations.

In order to complete these targets, strategically research and development team will be placed in a demo centre which will be installed in the capital of India, New Delhi. For this expansion project BARCO set up a joint venture with Fusebase, a company specialised in designing projectors for India, with BARCO holding 60% of the shares. The research and development team will be of 29 associates and the number of associated will be increased gradually with the expansion of this project.