Airport Displays

Airport Displays For Maximum Visibility


When thinking of airport displays, the digital flight schedule comes to mind. Questek Advanced Technologies provides digital flight display boards, but also a whole range of other airport displays including video walls which are exceptionally versatile.

Video walls are perfect for airport displays as they feature a modular architecture, don’t take up a lot of space, and offer superb image quality. Such airport displays make for excellent advertising revenue spots where travel agencies can promote their latest specials. In addition, the video walls can also be used for vehicle rental information, flight schedules, and news updates or weather reports.

Digital airport displays help the visitors to the airports to find their way around the huge terminals. It isn’t always possible for people to wait in line for information. As such video displays at airports can be utilized to communicate essential information in bigger than life size.

Questek Advanced Technologies also provide highly interactive touch screen airport displays, specifically suited as information boards. Such displays are used worldwide in shopping malls, train stations and airports. The airport displays are operational 24 hours a day, don’t take up a lot of floor space, and as many as needed can be set up at strategic points. Gone are the days of endless waiting and guessing as to where one should go next, what the airport taxes are, and how to proceed to book a flight. With information at the fingertips of visitors, more money can be saved on personnel deployment.

Critical information can be displayed on the large LED airport displays while the video walls make for superb advertising spots, and the touch screens for information centres. Visually attractive and durable, the airport displays available from us, are bound to attract attention. Contact us today for more information about possible airport displays.