Barco Displays

Versatile Barco Displays Are Everywhere


The role of Barco displays and screens in our modern society has spread across a vast range of very different fields. Although most of us might first think of their role in the media and entertainment world, it would only take a moment to recall seeing them at the local hospital or clinic and maybe at the office or in the children’s schools.

Today, the feats that have been made possible by the use of these versatile Barco displays are found wherever high quality visual images are needed. Traffic and transport companies make use of them as part of their complex control systems as do the various defence forces along with a growing number of industrial and manufacturing operations.

Today, no corporate boardroom would be complete without its big screen while teaching institutions from museums to varsities are now using them daily.

barco displaysDifferent Tasks May Need Different Screens

The very wide range of available Barco displays means there’s a product to suit every job. Their displays use all of the current technologies from projectors to plasma, liquid crystal (LCD) and LED and light emitting diode screens.

Projection screens, such as are often used in corporate settings or sports bars may make use of either front or back projection and are well suited to indoor viewing where the lighting is fairly subdued.

Outdoors, ambient light levels and viewing distance are important when choosing Barco displays. At an indoor trade exhibition, video walls or LED backdrops are able to catch and hold the attention of visitors to get that important message across.

While LED screens perform better then LCD screens outdoors, they are best viewed from a distance. In confined spaces, the LCD screens offer a sharper image.

Be Sure To Get Some Expert Advice

The best course is to find a supplier with a proven track record to supply and install your Barco displays. We are industry leaders with many years of experience. To be sure that you make the right choice, contact us for expert guidance, unequalled support and the best range of quality display products.