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Barco Outdoor Screen Ranges


We are proud to be associated with the Barco® product range, and no less when it comes to the provision of sports outdoor screen products. The Barco® brand is well appreciated by sport organisers and with dynamic indoor and outdoor screen options available, clients can get the most suitable products for their particular requirements. From digital perimeters to timing products and scoreboards as well as fascia boards in addition to large LED displays form part of the outdoor screen solutions in the Barco® product stable available through us.

Two of the most prominent outdoor screen ranges in the Barco® profile are that of SLite and DLite. Both of the ranges include sturdy IP65 rated outdoor display items. Full colour imaging is possible even the bright lights associated with sport stadiums. The best brightness and contrast levels can be expected from the Barco® products.

With modular architectures, scalability is offered. Full customisation of the outdoor screen setup can be obtained in numerous sizes and shapes. This makes it possible to adapt screens according to viewing and distance factors.

What is more is that several resolution ranges are available for the SLite series including from 10mm to 22mm while the DLite ranges is offered in the 7mm class. Whether you want to use the screens for sport events, outdoor promotions, theme parks or even shopping malls, you will not be disappointed by the versatility and functionality of the products.

The two ranges offer superb resolution and have IP65 certification. The products are water proof which is essential for outdoor displays and being weather proof in more than one way, we can recommend the Barco® range of outdoor screen displays. Contact us today to discuss your particular display requirements and obtain the best products and installation available right here at Questek Advanced Technologies.