Digital And Visual Product Solutions From Barco


Barco is a provider of visual media solutions to a wide variety of fields and business sectors. The products on offer include a range of projectors, screens and other digital software and hardware technology that are suitable for use both in and out of doors. Barco is innovative in offering these solutions and keeps up to date with all the latest advances in technology. This is to ensure that their customers receive the latest and greatest from their visual media products and that they stay ahead of their competition in this unique field.

The product range from Barco includes display monitors that are used by air traffic controllers, in medical equipment and in other ways to meet a variety of monitoring requirements. The projectors provided by Barco are of the highest quality and include all forms from digital to stereoscopic solutions. There are also a variety of screens available as well as multi-projector displays and lit rear-projection video walls. The screens include 3 types of LED display technology namely creative modules, integrated solutions and modular tiles. Along with these there are a number of lighting solutions available from the Barco range of products.

Barco is internationally acclaimed for their image processing technology and equipment. This technology involves the encoding and decoding of data into images for display. They provide both software and hardware solutions that are user friendly and are designed in different ways to meet a wide range of needs in a variety of fields. Barco are at the top of their game in offering servers and workstations that optimise efficiency and performance in the workplace. Additional services available from Barco involve electronic design services and medical solutions for OEM.

To find out more about these and other products available from Barco to meet the digital and visual requirements of your business or company, you can simply contact us.