The Best Big Screen Installations


Questek Advanced Technologies are leaders in the provision of display screens whether for outdoor or indoor usage. In addition, we are also known for our quality service and proficiency when it comes to big screen installations.

When you have to select the most appropriate, economical and efficient display system you will also want to know that you can trust the guidance offered by the company that does the big screen installations.

At Questek Advanced Technologies, we don’t simply offer products we are also the provider of quality big screen installations. Since we are just as concerned with the effectiveness of the screen for the particular purpose as you are, we provide professional advice regarding the specific type of screen that will be appropriate for such. We do our homework to ensure that whichever product we recommend, will be worth it through and through.

Aspects such as space available, indoor and outdoor usage, the visual impact that you want to create, the visibility of the image and more should all be taken into consideration when you shop for big screens. You want a product that will be able to offer a crystal clear image even with loads of light around. You want something that will provide a neat display, will be easy to work with, and will be sturdy enough for the environment selected.

You can trust our products and the brands that we recommend, as well as our professionalism and experience regarding big screen installations. Take for example, the DNP® Supernova, which is a superb product. With various sizes available, you will most certainly be able to get the visual effect that you desire.

The DNP® Supernova is perfect for outdoor usage because of it capacity to handle even a lot of ambient light in its immediate environment. As the first optical screen that has exceeded the 15:1 contrast level, it unquestionably is an innovative product Contact us today for information on any of the screens mentioned on our website, for recommendations, and for quotes regarding big screen installations.