Big Screen Technology

Big Screen Technology Installation Considerations


Questek Advanced Technologies is not only a leading provider of big screen technology applications, but we are also known for our installation expertise. Some of the considerations regarding the installation of big screen technology applications in outdoor settings are briefly discussed below.


The dimension of the LED big screen technology is extremely important when it comes to outdoor displays. The dimensions will determine the resolution for each panel. This in turn is of course important when it comes to video quality. If the resolution is not right the big screen technology will not deliver the best quality video. What it boils down to is that the larger the LED screen, the lower resolution will be needed per square meter. The idea is to ensure as much detail as possible in conjunction with top quality imaging.

Shortest Viewing Distance

One always considers the longest distance when it comes to big screen technology, but it is also important to determine the shortest distance required for optimal viewing. Remember that not all the spectators are far from the screen and you want to ensure the best possible viewing for every single spectator when it comes to big screen technological applications at sport stadiums. We are able to calculate the minimum viewing distance ensuring perfect viewing for all at the stadium.

Select A Screen That Meets Your Viewing Expectations

Keep in mind that big screen technology isn’t cheap. You want to ensure that not only will you have the best viewing for spectators near and far, but also that the big screens will be able to operate under tremendous bright light. It is furthermore important to also consider the weather elements, maintenance requirements, detail needed, and the budget range within which you want to operate. Our expert consultants will discuss all the details ensuring that the big screen technology we supply and install will meet and exceed your expectations. Contact us for a quote and more information today.