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Get A Big Screen From Questek


For some applications, only a big screen will do.  Typical uses for large screen displays are scoreboard displays at sports venues and conference room displays.  Questek Advanced Technologies is geared to supply you with any type of large screen visualisation solution, no matter what you need it for.  Our DNP® displays give you the perfect image every time.

Although all conference venues differ, they have a common requirement: a high-contrast display screen.  This has become even more important in view of the fact that most modern buildings’ architects design them to allow for a generous amount of natural light.  While this is a positive trend, it places high demands on display screens; any display that cannot deliver a bright, crisp image in an environment with high ambient light levels simply is not good enough for today’s demanding business applications.  The image quality is extremely important, because that big screen in the front of the room is the “face” of your presentation.

For this reason, most professional conference room installations now employ optical rear projection screens from DNP®.  There is possibly no other supplier that can offer such an expansive range of high-contrast screens for conference rooms.  These screens share some common advantages, like crisp and sharp images in high ambient light, five to fifteen times better contrast than front projection screens, no noise from audiovisual equipment and no shadows on the screen from the presenter.  Each screen offers different optical features, depending on its use; it is important to specify the correct screen for your specific requirements.

Get the visual edge today with a big screen from DNP® in your conference room.  There are four different screen types in over 49 versions, so there will be one for you too.  For more information, contact Questek Advanced Technologies today.