The Various Factors of Display Solutions


Indoor and outdoor venues have different display solutions. To begin with, outdoor venues, while very exciting, can prove more challenging for displays as there are other matters to consider such as clouds, rain, wind, dust and other uncontrollable events, making it quite challenging. For this reason, planning ahead becomes fundamental if you want your event to be perfect.

Set up any indoor or outdoor display as far ahead of the scheduled event as possible; at least one day is recommended. Play through as much of the programme as possible, and get several people to help, because one person will always notice something another did not.

In outdoor venues, you can include moving screens to accommodate sunlight, putting up wind blocks and adjusting display height to be seen at distances. Indoor solutions should incorporate the size of the room or auditorium. Consider the heights of different people who may attend the event when arranging the screens.

View the exhibition yourself from close up and from the back of the room. Adjust sound for the number of people expected to attend. The best solutions leave a powerful message with those in attendance but aren’t too overwhelming. Excessively overpowering sound and light can detract from even the most well intentioned message.

If there are too many entrances to the room or auditorium and there will be many people coming in and out, the key for your exhibition to be successful might be closing off a few doors most distracting to the spectacle. Keeping with fire codes, limiting access to the area of the display will keep the main focus where you want it to be.

Exhibitions also incorporate balance of the presentation. It will be most appealing if one or more visual focal points are identified and positioned properly. If the main focal point is a large screen, place it in the centre of the display. Then arrange other visual points of interest around it to compliment it, making it grander. If there are several visual items, place them an equal distance apart throughout the presentation. This will keep the eyes of the audience moving across the show for maximum effect.

Colour is another element to balance within a display. Stand midway or further from the display toward the rear of the room. Make sure the colours that catch your eye are distributed evenly throughout. If bolder colours are imbalanced on one side, all the visual weight will shift leaving the other side of the exhibition looking empty.

The best display solutions incorporate all the elements of a presentation for balance, visual impact and maximum visibility for all spectators. If it’s set up without considering the variables of the live audience, it will lose effectiveness. Professional displays work the colours and sounds of the presentation in concert. Display solutions (view solutions) include limiting distractions, such as too many people milling about in front or too bright lights distracting from the focal points.

Running through as much of the presentation as possible ahead of time will allow you to make necessary adjustments and work through all the display solutions for the best effect.